A Course in Miracles Radio: Episode #13

Traditional Monastic Pursuit in the Context of Contemporary Society

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Monastics are defined in part by their withdrawal from ordinary society as well as by such outer things as distinctive clothing, specific daily schedules, special diet, and other symbolic accouterments. Yet if we set aside these forms of difference, monasticism has more in common with the Course than you might suspect.

Indeed, the driving force behind monasticism is that it shoots for the highest spiritual attainment possible. Further, it recognizes that this spiritual summit is so valuable, so precious, that the climb deserves all of us— heart, mind, body and soul. In this episode of A Course in Miracles Radio, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington discuss how we can use the discipline and structure of monastics as a model and an inspiration for our own practice everyday.

Episode overview:

The role of monasteries in the quest for spiritual growth (5:00)

What is monasticism? (9:00)

Elements of a monk’s life (11:00)

Monasticism as a method of spiritual practice (15:00)

Thomas Merton (17:00)

Monasticism and service (19:00)

Monasticism and spiritual teachers (21:30)

Misperception of the Course as “self-study” (26:15)

Differences between the Course and monastic pursuit (30:00)

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