A Course in Miracles Radio: Episode #18

10 Course-Based Principles for Getting Along in a World Full of Conflict

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A Course in Miracles was born when Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman joined to demonstrate “a better way” in their psychology department, a way in which people could cooperate rather than compete. Thus, if A Course in Miracles was the answer to their desire for a better way, it implies it is a handbook for all of us in how to get along. In this episode of A Course in Miracles Radio, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington discuss ten Course-based teachings that can help us become a source of harmony in our daily interactions and in the world.

Episode overview:

  • Getting along as the genesis of A Course in Miracles (1:45)
  • Bill’s “a better way” speech (2:50)
  • P1: You are as God created you, not as you made yourself. (7:45)
  • Creating vs. making in the Course (11:30)
  • P2: I gain from giving, not from getting. (13:15)
  • P3: Equality: I am not on a higher level than you. (19:15)
  • P4: The past is over. It no longer exists. (26:40)
  • P5: Remember only the loving thoughts. Forget all the rest. (33:15)
  • P6: I cannot be hurt. I am not the image I am trying to protect (42:00)
  • P7: I am doing this unto myself to make you guilty. (46:45)
  • P8: Love is what matters. Form is what doesn’t. (54:50)
  • P9: Those who attack are poor. Their poverty asks for gifts. (1:00:00)
  • P10: Release from guilt rather than using it to motivate. (1:07:00)

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