A Course in Miracles Radio: Episode #20

Name of God Meditation

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Through the influx of Eastern spiritualities, we are at last discovering that meditation is an extremely powerful tool for scaling the heights of the Divine. If this practice is so central to our journey home, what does A Course in Miracles have to say about it? In this episode of A Course in Miracles Radio, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington discuss how the Workbook of the Course aims to train us in meditation, including a specific form we have called Name of God.

Episode overview:

Why isn’t meditation typically associated with the Course? (2:20)

Helen’s experiences with meditation (3:00)

Meditation as the highest form of prayer (8:30)

What is the Name of God meditation? (10:30)

Practice instructions for the Name of God meditation (14:30)

Purpose of the Name of God meditation (20:00)

When does God respond to our prayers? (23:00)

Connection to Catholic centering prayer (28:30)

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