Christmas with the Workbook

[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]

In my past turns through the Workbook, I have often wondered why the lessons preceding Christmas didn’t have more of a Christmassy theme. Then this morning (Christmas Eve morning) I got an answer when James and I were reading the “What am I?” section and Lesson 358.

“This one year we gave to God together,” comes up to Christmas time with a whole section in which Jesus tells us about our true Self and our joint function as “bringers of salvation” and “God’s holy messengers.” Our true Self… Christ… Christmas… the birth of holiness in me and into the world. This “What is?” section fits perfectly with Christmas! Perhaps as I read this section and let Jesus’ words really penetrate, I will be willing and ready to let Christ be born in me tonight so that I can fulfill my function!

Next, I realized that Lesson 358 is also a fitting Christmas Eve lesson:

No call to God can be unheard or left
Unanswered. And of this I can be sure:
His answer is the one I really want.

In this lesson we ask God for His answer to us, which is the one we really want. His answer is a gift, and what greater gift could He give us than His Word for what we are (“My Son is pure and holy as Myself” (276.1:1-2) and His promise that we are loved and saved, and that He will give us everything we really need in just the form we need it?! What other gift could we really ever want than the gift of everything?!

Now, I know the lesson doesn’t say any of this specifically, but I really see a connection, and it does make sense to me. It sure has affected the way I’m practicing the lesson today. I’ve been calling to God and I feel that He is answering the true prayer of my heart. There’s been a smile on my face all morning and my heart is full. I feel like a kid before Christmas, waiting with happy expectancy and joyful anticipation for the greatest gift ever!

This has also affected the way I’m approaching this Christmas Eve. I am seeing it as a time of happy preparation for welcoming home a long-lost friend. James and I are planning to spend a quiet evening together. We are going to read and practice Lesson 303 (“The holy Christ is born in me today”), and I hope we will both be ready and willing to accept God’s gift, and safe in His Arms, receive His Son.

P.S. Looking ahead to tomorrow, I can see a great lesson for a Christmas Day Practice. Lesson 359 is one in which “God’s answer is some form of peace,” and we rejoice in our holiness. I’m already looking forward to it!

Merry, Merry, Christmas!

With thankful heart and loving thoughts to all of you in this time of Christ,

Mary Anne