My first blog for the Prayer Ministry

Since we started the Prayer Ministry, more than hundred thirty people have contacted us sofar and asked for prayers. I usually have a lot of communications with most of the people writting to us. We exchange a lot of e-mails. With the time I have come to see that they trust me more and more and after just a short time they open their hearts to me and tell me their stories of their problems. We share our joys and pains  and walk their path through their problems together.

I have heard very sad stories about cancers, financial hardships , betrayals , relationships and more. But the one story I heard from few days ago when I received an e-mail from the person I’m going to tell you about, truly broke my heart . I did not expect to receive such an e-mail. I responded to her right away and we started talking together since then for many times a day per e-mail. NowI have her permission to share some of her life with you here in the community, but cannot to go to details. I’m actually glad she doesn’t want me to share the details, because they would be very painful just to write about. I thought always that this kind of stories are found only in fiction books or Hollywood movies, but no, they are among us.

Her name is Miranda. She is only twelve years old! I asked her how she found out about me, and how she found out my private e-mail address. Her answer was : ” Jesus helped me to find you.” !  Well, this is a short version of her life sofar:

She was three years old and the only child when her mom passed away. Her dad got married very soon after that and he became an alcoholic. Most of the time he is drunk and gets very violent. Her stepmother is very abusive as well. Miranda is living a life of physical, emotional and verbal abuse. She doesn’t know any other kind of life. She has never seen any relatives or friends . Apparently she doesn’t have anybody else to go to and stay with.

She has to take care of the whole house, shoppings, cleaning and cooking. She says that the only joy she has in her life is the feeling that she knows God exsists and Jesus is his son. And that Jesus loved children and now he loves her too. Jesus is the only person who has ever loved her, she says.I can’t start to describe her feelings when she talks about Jesus and his love for her! The only treasure she has is a picture of Jesus with a child on his lap which she is hiding inside her blanket.

She didn’t contact me for daily prayers. She is asking for a single prayer when the “right time” comes! This is making me so worried. She is talking about seeing Jesus very soon and she wants me to pray for her soul very soon before she goes to him because she doesn’t feel ” clean” yet! She says that her stepmother brings some ” friends ” home , and they have hurt her very much and that is why she can’t go to Jesus  like that!

Now you have a picture of what kind of hell this child is living in. She truly broke my heart. I made a promise to her yesterday. I told her that I will always be her friend and I will never leave her alone. God has sent this child to me for a reason bigger than just praying for her for few days. I hope I can get more information from her as where she is or how I can reach her except per e-mail. I have only her firstname and an e-mail address.

I told her yesterday about our CCC community as an example for caring people after she said that this world has only ” bad ” people. I told her that the people in my community are very kind and nice to other people and we are all Jesus’ followers. I asked her then for her permission to put up her story on the CCC page. I promised her to copy and send her every single response to my blog  to just show her how much our members care and that she is not alone in this world.

So, this is my request to you: Please take heart and spend a couple of minutes of your time to write something to this child in response to my blog, to lighten up her spirit. It will be a lifetime treasure for her. And, I will sit down for prayers on this Wednesday , 15th. of June, at 12.00 noon EDT. I will ask Miranda herself to join us too. Join me for a minute of praying, or as long as you feel right about it, and pray for this girl. Send her all the love you can feel in your heart for her. Let us show her that love exists in this world.

My second request is, let us pray together for all the children in this world who are suffering from some kind of darkness. I’m thinking of all those who are starving, or are sick, or are living in an abusive home, or are living in an orphange, or are sold to some places for dark purposes, or living on streets alone , and so on. Unfortunately the list is much longer. I am making now a request to my prayer team to add Miranda and all the suffering children in this world to our prayer list for next 30 days. But you in the CCC can join us for as many as days you want. I will write down your names and take you in my heart and mind into my prayer time  evryday.

Love to you all,