“The things we fret and worry about”

I was watching a couple of near-death experiences on YouTube this morning, and these quotes really struck me. I thought you might enjoy them.

“Yes it did change my life and I think the most profoundly noticeable way in my forgiveness of all things, my forgiveness of myself, others, situations, getting a clarity, knowing that I don’t want to live not forgiving, living with any resentments. It taught me to bring love into everything that I do. And, um, and I am not afraid. I don’t have fear anymore. That’s been an interesting piece for me.

Interviewer: “What were you afraid of before?”

“Lots of stuff. Driving a car, for one thing! [Her NDE was from a car accident.] But um, no, I mean, just the fears that people have, the fear I won’t have enough money, or the fear that somebody I love will die, or the fear that I’ll get sick, or that something will happen to one of my children. Fears. Innumerable fears. And today I have such a trust in a very loving Power in the universe, that I believe and others believe, probably saved my life. Because the medical piece of this hasn’t really been able to explain how come I survived this accident. So there must be something, a Power, higher power, working. And working, I think, for all of us.”

Here’s the other one:

“The most important to me of it all was that I realized I wasn’t a human doing, I was a human being. My money, my clothes, my beauty, my intelligence—nothing came into play there. My inabilities or my weaknesses didn’t either. I was enough in myself. I didn’t have to struggle. I was at peace. And I also realized…I think by comparison the things we fret and worry about in daily life is so insignificant to the bigger picture. We get so hung up on ‘Oh she didn’t say that,’ or ‘The bus driver wasn’t nice,’ and we get so caught up.”