If God is loving, does that mean I can trust how He sees things?

Monday, after writing about accepting our place as junior to God—in how we see things, what we want, what we decide, and how we came about—I had what felt like a big realization.

My realization was that two assumptions I walk around with just don’t go together. One assumption is that God is unbelievably loving and on my side. The other assumption is that God’s way of looking at things is just not very realistic and not particularly workable down here where (as a friend of mine used to say) the rocks are hard and the water’s wet.

Obviously, I don’t believe that second thing intellectually. But functionally, I really do. I think I have a major issue with God on that level. Have you heard of the philosophy which says that the global elite largely consist of evil extraterrestrial reptiles who can shape-shift to appear human? Clearly, that’s totally bonkers. What it should have said is the entire populace consists of reptiles masquerading as human. On a gut level, that’s kind of how it looks to me, after years of watching how we all work.

So what occurred to me the other day is that, if God really is infinitely loving, unconditionally on my side, and incomprehensibly smarter and wiser than I am, then His way of looking at things is totally trustable and entirely in my best interests. When He sees Hitler (and the rest of us shape-shifting reptiles) as His beloved Son in whom He is well pleased, that is a perception that I can completely trust. That is the way I can see things right now. It’s not only safe to see things that way, it is joyful, no matter what the evidence seen by my eyes seems to suggest.

Since then, whenever I think that, since God is loving, I can totally trust how He sees things, I feel something really shift and open up in me. Suddenly, everything feels really bright.

All in all, this feels like a very big idea. It opens up the possibility of letting God be God in every way.