Everyday Miracle Stories

I’d like to share the following miracle stories with you. They were told to me this past week by two Mexican Course students – I’ll call them José and María. 

José’s story

José has been working for just over a month as a substitute teacher at a rural high school in Mexico. He’s been a member of AA for quite a few years, a Course student since 2011 and a pupil of mine since March of this year. I’m not sure what subjects he’s been teaching at the school but he seems to have really connected with his pupils in the short time he’s been there. Inspired by the Course, he’s talked to them openly in class about love and forgiveness and has asked them to share personal experiences with the rest of the group. 

Last week the school held an anniversary celebration which pupils, teachers and parents attended. At one point, a list of teachers’ names was read out, but José’s was not among them because substitute teachers were not included. Immediately his groups reacted and began to call out his name. The head had to interrupt the proceedings and asked José to stand and be introduced. There were loud cheers and applause from his pupils—an unheard-of response according to another teacher.

José has talked to several of his classes about addiction and will continue to do so during his final week at the school. One of his pupils begged him not to leave as he is, she said, the first person she’s really been able to talk to. José offered at once to remain in touch even though he will no longer be working there. He will soon be unemployed, yet showed no concern for the future as he recounted his experience and the deep feelings it has stirred in him.

Breaking news: José has just called to let me know that his contract’s been renewed until January. A substitute for another teacher who’ll be on leave for the next three months was unable to accept the post and so it was offered to José. He is overjoyed. 

María’s story

María has been a Course student for several years and has been to see me occasionally for help on the journey. She’s a divorced mother of two, now retired from her office job. Lately, she’s been feeling dissatisfied with her life and has been wondering about her special function. I asked her if she’d like to complete Robert’s questionnaire on the topic.

This seems to have led to a transformative experience. María was visibly moved when she described to me what has been happening in her life since then. She visited an elderly aunt who’s bedridden and found her in a state of chronic neglect. The aunt has seven children but, due to problems such as addiction and unemployment, they seem to have been unable to care for her. María called the local authorities to alert them to the problem and then began to attend to her aunt’s most basic needs. Not long afterwards, she called on another aunt who is now alone and suffering from health problems. María felt she’d been unkind to her aunt in the past, asked to be forgiven and has invited her to share her home.

Answering the questionnaire helped María reflect on her life. She remembered how she used to be involved in church activities when young, offering assistance to those less fortunate. Over the years, though, she’d gradually become more concerned with her own comfort and well-being than that of others. This now seems to be changing. She thought she needed training or to have special abilities to become a miracle worker, but is beginning to see that acting with loving kindness towards others is enough. This whole process, she told me, has unlocked her heart.

Given the present situation in Mexico where violence is the norm, it is a real pleasure to be able to share these uplifting stories. I continue to be inspired by them.