Starting the day right

We had a class the other night in our Teacher of Pupils Training that was of tremendous benefit to me. The subject was “Starting the Day Right.”

What I did was pull together everything I could find where Jesus talks about how to start our day, which included the moment of waking as well as our morning quiet time. It was surprising just how much is said, how many angles are covered, how consistent it is, and how practical it is.

At the end was a worksheet in looking at how we ourselves start the day and how we can make it more like what Jesus suggests.

I found it extremely helpful, for all kinds of reasons. The main reason, though, is that my morning quiet time has been significantly compromised for some time now. It’s hugely important to me, but the problem is that my four-year-old son wakes up extremely early, and then has a terrific need to be with his parents. This morning, for instance, I got up at 5 and was in my chair meditating by 5:10. Michael then sprang out of bed at 5:18. There was no point in trying to give him to Nicola, because she had to get ready for work not long after that.

Anyway, due to my worksheet, Nicola and I cooked up a plan, and I think it will work. It basically involves dividing up my quiet time and saving the meditation portion until after the kids are at school. It’s not ideal by a long way, but I think it will work.

And there were several other things about the worksheet that were of benefit to me. My morning quiet time is the foundation for my day. So any improvement there is an improvement of my life.

If you would like me to send you the handout (quotes plus worksheet), just email me and I’ll send it right away: