A Healing Prayer Ministry Miracle

When Pari and I began the Healing Prayer Ministry on November 8th, we had no idea what a powerful impact it would have on our lives in such a short time. Extending to our brothers and sisters in this way has been a profoundly beautiful experience for both of us. And we already have what feels like a real miracle to report!

Before sharing that miracle, let me say a little more about how things have gone so far. We already have more than twenty prayer requests, with more almost every day. People have shared with us personal and sometimes heartbreaking stories about the challenges they and their loved ones are facing. Both of us have been deeply touched by the trust that total strangers and dear friends alike have placed in us. It has felt like such an honor and privilege to pray for each brother or sister who has come to us for help — a truly holy calling. We’ve felt a deep sense of connection even with people we’ve never met.

And we are happy to report that we’ve already received some very nice positive feedback. A number of our prayer recipients are experiencing greater peace of mind, a sense being loved and cared for by us and by God, and even changes in distressing external situations. (No cancer cures or raising of the dead yet!) We really are making a difference in people’s lives, and that is so gratifying.

Now, about that miracle. It came when we prayed for Circle member Sue Bouse (who gave us permission to share this story). Sadly, Sue’s husband was in the process of dying, and on Friday, November 12, she asked for our prayers to ease the burden of this very difficult time. She wrote:

My husband, David, is expected to pass from this realm within a few days. He’s been in hospice care about 1 month. I need help getting through all the “stuff.” His passing is one thing. The cremation/funeral are another. I’m feeling overwhelmed, although, I know I do have help. We’ve been together about 30 years. My practice is:  “I’m about to have an experience of God.”

We wrote back to Sue saying we would be happy to pray for her and David, and we each prayed for them on Saturday morning. When Pari started praying, she immediately received a remarkable vision that had to do with David’s death (a vision which I will share below). Now her question became: Should she share this vision with Sue? It’s hard to know if such sharing would be truly helpful. Both of us decided that Pari should just wait and see if she got an inner prompt to share it. She would know if it was right.

Meanwhile, Sue shared with us an update on how things were going:

Thank you for writing. We’re here with David holding space. He awakened enough last night to tell us how hard it is for him to let go. This morning he seemed to be agitated and in pain. There are 5 of us including me at his bedside. We hold his hand and talk to him or sometimes just sit quietly.

Later, Sue wrote that the hospice nurse had told her, “It will probably be tonight.”

All of this, especially the part about David’s difficulty in letting go, felt like the prompt Pari was looking for. She wrote back to Sue on Saturday afternoon to share the vision:

Hi my dear,

After reading your email, I think it is the right time to share this with you:

In the morning while reading your email, I received the “information” that it is going to be soon for your husband to leave. I felt a strong urge to pray for him right away.

The second I closed my eyes to pray, I received an image: I saw him lying down on a bed in middle of a room. You were standing on his right side. Some people were few steps away on his left side.

The door to the room opened and I and Greg entered the room. Behind us Jesus entered the room too. Suddenly the entire room was filled with a beautiful intense white light. We just showered all of you with our love. I felt the love and warmth of the Holy Spirit filling the room.

Then Jesus stepped to your husband’s right side and He put His hand on his head. Your husband was filled with love and started smiling. He was very much comforted. Then you smiled too. And then the image stopped in my mind.

I could feel the entire time how much your husband felt being loved and comforted.

Our love is always holding you up,




Thank you for sharing that beautiful image. He passed from this realm very peacefully about 4:30 AM. It’s funny, he didn’t say a lot of words, but he did ask me, “Who’s behind me?” Maybe it was Jesus. Thanks to you and Greg for your prayers.



When Pari and I read this, we were truly amazed. It felt like something very unusual had occurred. Sue had shared with us that David was in pain and having a hard time letting go, and that the hospice nurse said he would probably pass that night. But before Sue had shared that with us, Pari had received a vision that, in essence, depicted the healing of David’s pain and resistance to dying. The vision agreed with the hospice nurse that David’s passing would be soon, and depicted his passing as a peaceful, beatific experience in a room filled with divine Love and Light, surrounded by loved ones, with Pari and me assisting, and Jesus placing a loving hand on his head. Then, when David actually did pass from this world that night, it seemed that his actual passing was much like it was depicted in the vision: peaceful, surrounded by love, and perhaps (“Who’s behind me?”) even with Jesus placing his hand on his head.

Pari and I both offered Sue our condolences at David’s passing, and Pari shared that she really believed that Jesus was there with David when he passed, just as he was in her vision. I said that it appeared that David passed peacefully with Jesus at his side. Sue replied, “I think so, too. You and Pari are ‘awesome prayers.’ David’s transition went very well. Thanks for the miracle working.”

Pari and I were so moved by this experience, as was Sue. It really felt like our prayers, and Pari’s vision that seemed to come true, played a genuine role in helping David let go and make a peaceful transition with Jesus beside him. It really did feel like a miracle. Of course, we can’t be sure how exactly our prayers may have affected the situation. (And though Pari did have another vision with another one of our prayer recipients, we make no guarantees!) But we feel in our hearts that our joining with Sue and David in this sacred time really did make a difference. And rather than being puffed up with pride at being such great pray-ers, we felt and continue to feel that we had the great honor to be midwives for a Power far greater than us.

This is why we started the Prayer Ministry. We are discovering every day what a joy it is to extend healing to all who come to us in need. We awake each day now looking forward to a new day of blessing our brothers and sisters with the healing gift of God’s Love.