Have Miracles, Will Travel

[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]

As you know if you’ve read the “Update on the Circle’s condition” item on the CCC homepage, my work hours at the Circle will soon be significantly reduced. Don’t worry – I’ll still be writing, teaching, and participating fully in the CCC. But I won’t be doing many of the “behind the scenes” things I have been doing at the Circle; my hours will be reduced to the point that I’ll need to find another full-time job for the time being. Yet rather than being distraught about this, I’m actually excited about the next step in my journey.

To my surprise, I have been strongly guided to move temporarily to Atlanta, Georgia. I don’t know exactly when, but probably in the next couple of months. I will really be going out on a limb: I don’t have a job there yet, and I only know one person there. (Robert will introduce me to another, thereby doubling my total.) I really don’t know what precisely is supposed to unfold there, but I’m convinced that this is where Jesus wants me to go, so I’m moving forward on faith.

As I’ve contemplated my upcoming move, one thought has really captivated me: Whatever earthly job I end up doing there, my real job is the same one I have in Sedona and everywhere I go: I am a miracle worker. At least that’s what Jesus wants me to be. I’ve been doing this Course for seventeen years now, and something in me has said, “Isn’t it about time you fully accepted this job you’ve been training for?”

The inspiration for this thought is Lesson 345, which I have been working with the past few days. The lesson’s title is “I offer only miracles today, for I would have them be returned to me.” A couple of things appeal to me about this lesson. First is the idea that I offer only miracles today. This is my true vocation, whatever form it takes. This is what this course in miracles has been training me to do.

Second is the idea that by doing miracles, miracles are returned to me. This is a specific application of what the previous lesson called the “law of love”: “that what I give my brother is my gift to me.” It is by giving miracles that I receive them myself. What’s more, Lesson 345 tells me, “The miracles I give are given back in just the form I need to help me with the problems I perceive” (1:4). In a situation with so many questions, especially my financial uncertainty, I sure could use some miracles to help me with the problems I perceive.

So, I look forward to whatever awaits me in Atlanta. It will be very interesting to learn more about this unexpected journey to the East. (Didn’t Hermann Hesse write a book with that title?) The journey is filled with uncertainties, but I know that if I commit to fulfilling my function, all will be well. So, hear ye, hear ye: I am Greg Mackie, miracle worker. Have miracles, will travel.