Our Statement on Recent Racially-Motivated Hate Crime

We are deeply saddened by yet another series of hate crimes recently in the United States. Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their lives in the horrific shootings in New York and California.
Given the fact that, once again, the hatred behind these violent attacks stems from a racist ideology, here at the Circle we are recommending our community respond by understanding and embodying the views on equality found in A Course in Miracles. Simply put, these are:
  1. God created everyone with equal holiness and worth. He loves everyone equally.
  2. Without exception, the desire for inequality—specifically the desire to be above—is the root of all conflict.
  3. When we deny another their true equality, we deny it to ourselves as well. This is why seeking dominance always ultimately backfires.
  4. Thus, if we want to know ourselves as equally worthy, we must love everyone equally.
We send our sincere prayers to those who are grieving, and we offer our continued commitment to work towards sharing the Course’s teachings on true equality for the peace and safety of all.