A Course in Miracles Radio: Episode 4

How to Seek, Discern, and Use Guidance

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How many times have you heard, or said, “I ask for guidance, but I just don’t hear anything?”

Wouldn’t it be great if A Course in Miracles gave us detailed instructions in precisely how to listen for the Holy Spirit’s messages?

Thankfully, it does exactly that.

In our latest episode of A Course in Miracles Radio – entitled How to Seek, Discern, and Use Guidance – Robert Perry and Emily Bennington discuss how to hear the Holy Spirit with increasing clarity and greater frequency.

Episode overview:

Where is guidance coming from? (2:15)

How to approach seeking and implementing guidance. (3:00)

Trusting the plan. (5:00)

Framing your questions. (7:30)

How to listen once you ask. (9:50)

Does guidance have to come in words? (13:25)

What about the statement ‘the ego speaks first’? (15:50)

Discerning real guidance from false guidance. (17:00)

Can guidance take different forms over time? (26:20)

Getting into the habit of frequent asking. (29:30)

How much is too much asking? (32:00)

Seeking guidance in a group. (35:00)

Asking others for guidance. (40:15)