A Course in Miracles Radio: Episode #6

How to Have the Ideal Day

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Articles discussed in this episode:

How to Have the Ideal Day

It may seem odd that A Course in Miracles, a teaching rooted in the illusory nature of time, would comment on the perfect day. But it goes much further than just commenting. Throughout its three volumes, the Course sketches an entire picture of the ideal day, giving us specific instructions on how to have it for ourselves.

In this episode of A Course in Miracles Radio, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington dive deeper into this topic and discuss how to enclose your day in Course-based spiritual practice.

Episode overview:

Awaking with a thought of God (4:10)

Morning quiet time (5:40)

Setting the goal for the Day (6:35)

Inner practice (8:45)

Renewing your peace (11:00)

Renewing your goal (14:00)

Hourly practice (15:15)

Response to temptation (22:45)

Asking for guidance (28:00)

Rules for decision (30:15)

Evening quiet time (38:15)

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