A Course in Miracles Radio: Episode #7

What is Love in A Course in Miracles?

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What exactly is love? One of the most well-known lines in A Course in Miracles is from the introduction: “The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught.” Most of us take that line to mean that the Course does not offer a verbal definition of love, for its real meaning is beyond words. Yet to really understand that line, we need to interpret it in light of related discussions in the Course.

In this episode of A Course in Miracles Radio, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington explore this topic further and discuss the meaning of love as a theme that runs throughout the Course.

Episode overview:

Looking honestly at how we love (4:06)

Giving love to guilt the other (12:00)

What is Course-based love? (16:45)

Loving the unlovable (29:10)

Real love as our “only emotion” (39:00)

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