CE Text Practice Group

I am pleased to invite you to join me in a practice journey through the CE Text this year. There are amazing gifts and benefits in taking our daily practice lessons from the teachings of the Text—even more so now with the Complete and Annotated Edition.

Practicing and applying the teachings from the CE Text could help all of us incorporate them more fully into our minds and our lives and, therefore, enable us to facilitate that in our students and pupils as well.

Comments from students who have already done this practice:

I find that it’s almost as if sitting at Jesus’ feet, hearing him speak directly to me.
I have found that going through the CE Text as a practice has helped me soak up the teachings more fully, deepening my understanding as I practiced and applied the teachings.
Extracting a lesson from the Text section and practicing it during the day allowed me to carry the teaching with me throughout the day.

Mary Anne Buchowski is a long-time Circle teacher who has been associated with the Circle from its beginnings. She spent several years working for the Circle in Sedona, being trained as a teacher by Robert and teaching the daily Workbook class and several personal pupils. In 2004, Mary Anne returned home to Ottawa, Canada and, with her husband James Gregory, founded Course Oasis, the Circle’s first satellite organization (www.courseoasis.org). She works and teaches for the Circle and Course Oasis from her base in Ottawa. She has years of experience leading and facilitating groups.