The will of God forever lies in those whose hands are joined.
Text 30. V.11.1

You can have a profound effect on our ability to extend
Jesus' vision of peace, love and understanding into the world
by contributing to the Circle of Atonement.

We invite you to read our article entitled "The Promise of the Course: A Statement of Intent." It directly describes what we at the Circle hold in our hearts regarding the future of the Course.

To accomplish this vision, we will need to join together. Nothing moves in this world without people joining their efforts in a common purpose. So, if our vision stirs something in you, please consider making a gift that will help make it possible. The Circle is supported entirely by your purchases, membership and charitable donations. If you have benefited from the materials, programs, and/or services of the Circle of Atonement we encourage you to give not only in payment for goods and services received, but in support of our work and out reach as well.

Please take a moment to read how you can support the Circle's vision. There are several ways you can contribute:

Make A Tax-Deductible Donation

One Time Donations
These donations give the Circle the important ability to operate on an ongoing basis. See below for all the areas that your contribution will support.

Join with the Circle in helping the Course take root in the world, by making a donation

Recurring Donations
Regular monthly giving helps us to plan our activities with far greater confidence. Rather than living "hand-to-mouth," we can be bold and commit to even quite long-term projects, knowing we have a sustained, reliable income to fund our work.

Commit to a regular monthly gift in our online bookstore, and help the Circle even more.

You can also mail your donation (check or money order) to:

Circle of Atonement
P.O. Box 4238
West Sedona, AZ 86340

Or call our office toll-free at (888) 357-7520.

(Donating online is our preferred method of payment. We ask that you mail in your donation or call only if you do not have online access. We are a small non-profit organization with a very small office staff. Thank you for your consideration!)

Other Ways You Can Contribute

Planned Giving
You can also help extend Jesus' profound message of love and salvation by offering a larger gift to the Circle of Atonement through a bequest or other estate plan provision. Leave an indelible mark on the world by including the Circle of Atonement in your Planned Giving. Please give us a call at 928-282-0790 to learn more.

Corporate Partners Program
The Circle of Atonement welcomes and encourages the support and involvement of foundations and corporations in its mission. Contributions to our Partners Program assist us in meeting our operating costs and play a vital role in the development and delivery of quality educational programs and services. If you are affiliated with a private or public foundation or work in a company which might share an interest in our mission, please give us a call at 928-282-0790. We'd be glad to present our strategic plan and mission to those decision-makers responsible for awarding grants or corporate gifts.

Corporate Matching Gifts
Many corporations offer a matching gifts program to support the non-profit organization of your choice. They will often match gifts made by employees, officers, directors, and in some cases even spouses and/or retired employees, officers, or directors. Over 1,000 American companies have adopted this kind of a corporate matching gift plan, and some will give $2 to every $1 you donate! Consult your company's personnel or human resource department for details or, give us a call at 928-282-0790. This is a great way to multiply your contribution to the Circle!

How We Use Your Contributions

While membership support and monies from books, educational retreats, and other products and services serve as an important source of income for the Circle, they do not cover all necessary expenses. Your donations, as well as financial support from programs such as eScrip and Planned Giving, help to ensure the Circle is able to meet its monthly rent, cost of utilities, maintenance of office equipment, employees' salaries, and other expenses associated with operating a small non-profit organization. Additionally, your financial support contributes to our ability to operate as a small publishing house, and our ability to print and reprint our published materials.

Your donations and support of our giving programs also make possible the Circle's ability to live out its Financial Policy by not turning away anyone who does not have the ability to pay for our products or services. This includes our Prison Ministry as well.

Lastly, the contributions we receive assist us in continuously launching new projects that further our goals and vision. New books, classes, workshops, CDs and more are an integral part of the Circle's growth and ability to reach out to those who desire our services. For more information about our extensive Programs and Services that your support provides, click here.

Clearly, there's a lot to do. But with your help, we are confident we can achieve our goal to share the extraordinary blessing of the Course with a wider audience.

Please show your support today, if you can. And be assured that your gift will make a huge difference.

Thank you for joining with us. We truly appreciate your support and generosity.