Financial Policy and Donations

The Circle's Financial Policy

As stated in the Psychotherapy pamphlet:

"One rule should always be observed: No one should be turned away because he cannot pay" (P-3.III.6: 1).

If there are any of our materials or services that you want but cannot afford, please let us know, and give whatever you can.

Should you have any questions regarding our Financial Policy, you can always e-mail us or call the Circle's office at: (928) 282-0790.

The Circle's Request

You can have a profound effect on our ability to extend Jesus' vision of peace, love and understanding into the world and in assisting the implementation of the Circle's Financial Policy.

The Circle is supported entirely by your purchases and charitable gifts. We ask you to look within to see if you might be led to support our vision financially with a donation (any donations are tax deductible). We encourage you to give not only in payment for goods or services received, but in support of our work and outreach.