Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be a bridge into the profound and unparalleled wisdom of A Course in Miracles. We clarify the Course's often difficult language in order to make possible a deeper understanding of its teachings. We then help you put those teachings into practice, explaining how to apply them in your everyday life.

Our work grows out of our commitment to be as faithful as possible to what A Course in Miracles says. It also grows out of our years of dedication to walking this path ourselves and to helping others walk it. Our deepest desire is to see the Course's purpose realized in the lives of students and in the world.

As a student working with the Circle of Atonement you will be able to count on us for daily companionship and support. We are here to help you with both the theory and the application of this priceless teaching. You need never feel alone in the process. Based on the feedback we have received, we believe that our support can save you years on your journey back to God.

The Missing Piece

Puzzle Piece About 2,000 years ago Jesus offered a revolutionary message to the world which, even now, has not been fully grasped. The church quickly institutionalized his radical teachings into an organized religion about worshipping him, obscuring the true meaning of his transformative message. It is our belief that Jesus has appeared again to humanity in the pages of A Course in Miracles to frame his ancient message for contemporary ears. As the authentic voice of Jesus, A Course in Miracles provides the crucial "missing piece" that supplies the healing Jesus originally intended for the world. An important part of our mission here at the Circle of Atonement is to ensure that Jesus' vital message will never be lost to the world again. Read our piece, "The Promise of the Course: A Statement of Intent".