Programs & Services

The Circle of Atonement serves as one of the most comprehensive sources for the intensive study of A Course in Miracles. Our approach to learning is founded on striving for the most faithful interpretation possible. We also place an emphasis on helping students intensify their learning and practice by providing opportunities for personal healing and transpersonal insight. Our programs, products and services are divided into two primary categories—education and publishing:

As a Center of Learning

Our ultimate goal is to serve the process that Jesus spoke to Helen Schucman about, to help the Course reach from “the paper on which it was written into the hearts for which it was intended.” As a center of learning, the Circle of Atonement works with students directly, both on a long-distance learning basis and with those in residence here in the Sedona area, offering a range of educational and healing services which reflect our approach to the Course.

Continuing Education

The Circle of Atonement offers a range of services designed for the serious student of A Course in Miracles. Prominent among these are educational services that help the new or returning student enter this remarkable “path of light” through the distinctive approach developed by the Circle's teachers. Our services include daily classes, weekly lectures, and periodic workshops and retreats. With today’s Internet and telecommunications technologies, the Circle of Atonement is placing greater emphasis on providing programs and services uniquely tailored for the long-distance learner. These services include live tele-classes, tele-seminars, and on-demand audio recordings via the Internet. We are also interested in preparing advanced students to become teachers of the Course so that it can reach further into the world and awaken more people to Jesus’ radical message of genuine love and forgiveness.

Website Services

Our website is one of the most extensive resources in the world for writings on A Course in Miracles. In addition to articles, commentaries, Q&A features, membership forums, and many other valuable features, the website also gives you an opportunity to subscribe to our free e-newsletter—A Better Way—and access to our bookstore, where you can find a range of Course-related books, e-books and audio programs.

We also provide books, tapes and other materials, as well as individual support through correspondence, to Course students in prison. These services are offered free of charge.

As a Publishing House

As a publishing house, the Circle is exclusively dedicated to publishing materials related to A Course in Miracles, providing Course students with tools and resources to help them grasp the real meaning of Jesus’ words.

Books, Booklets, E-Books, etc.

Our goal is to present the highest quality, most authentic interpretation of A Course in Miracles possible through a continuing series of texts, commentaries, and reference materials. Our publications range in size from small booklets and pamphlets to full-size books and multi-volume book series, and include titles such as Path of Light, Reality and Illusion, Seeing the Bible Differently, I Need Do Nothing, and many more. Among the most respected teachers of ACIM in the world, our authors include Robert Perry, Allen Watson, and Greg Mackie.