In your deconstruction journey, have you wondered if it's possible to...

...have a spiritual path founded on the principle of total equality?
...hear guidance from the Holy Spirit throughout each day?
...have a deep and meaningful relationship with an unconditionally loving God?
...know what Jesus would say if he returned and spoke to the world?

This is what the spiritual path of A Course in Miracles offers. We are non-dogmatic and welcome open dialogue and critical thought. If you've seen the harm caused by organized religion, but are still longing to stay connected to a loving God, Jesus, and a community of faith, we invite you to pull up a chair and warm yourself by the fire. There are no gurus or celebrity pastors here. We are ordinary people who are seriously committed to walking a path of love.

What is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual path in which we find our way home to God by learning to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal. What is real is our true nature as complete and healed children of God who are equal to each other without exception. What is ultimately unreal is everything else: these bodies, this world, our egos, and the judgments and grievances we hold.

The Course is leading us to a place where, through the practice of forgiveness, we learn to look beyond the unreality of physical form to the pure and eternal holiness in everyone. If we can do this, meaning if we can train ourselves to see only the true nature of each other, then we will be spiritually advanced enough to heal all of our relationships, and in turn we will heal our world. 

Are you looking to find...

... a God that embodies the ideal of perfect love?

...a Jesus who feels more like a good shepherd than a judge?

... and a set of values that captures your heart for equity and inclusion?


If so, we invite you to consider exploring A Course in Miracles. You may have heard the Course described as a New Age teaching, but it’s not. There are a lot of misperceptions out there about the Course but, at the end of the day, A Course in Miracles is a book about God and Jesus and forgiveness, but framed in a unique and original way. It offers a practical path for leaving behind guilt and judgment, learning how to love unconditionally, and making your contribution to the healing of a hurting world.

Ready to learn more?

Here are two of our free resources to get you started.

This booklet is not about A Course in Miracles, but rather about the historical Jesus. Robert wrote this as his answer to the question, “If we peel away from Jesus all the overlays of the Christian church and try to recover his original message, what do we find?” Turns out, what we find is a remarkable teacher who is not a relic of the dim past, but stands ahead of us in the distant future, beckoning us to a place that lies far beyond the current state of humanity. The booklet draws heavily on contemporary scholarship, is suitable for group use, and contains many practical exercises.


The Course was intentionally written to those who were rooted in the Christian tradition yet also need healing from it. It brings to the foreground all that we loved about Jesus and Christianity, but that was buried beneath so much that was confusing, divisive, and hurtful. Join Circle founder Robert Perry and executive director Emily Bennington as they open a dialogue on this very important topic.



From our origin in 1993, the purpose of the Circle of Atonement has been to be a bridge into the profound and unparalleled wisdom of A Course in Miracles. We clarify the Course for students in order to make possible a deeper understanding of its teachings. We then help students put those teachings into practice, explaining how to apply them in everyday life.

Our work grows out of our years of dedication to walking this path ourselves and our desire to see the Course’s purpose of love and healing realized in the world. For more information, please visit