attraction of guilt

The ego's desire for guilt, which is the unconscious motivation behind all the ego does, including all its uses of the body. Guilt is the ego's only need (see T-15.VII.10:4). It finds guilt attractive because guilt preserves it, confirming its foundation of sin and producing its essence of fear. The attraction of guilt makes God and love seem repulsive. Because we find guilt intolerable, the ego promises to relieve guilt, but does so in ways that actually maintain and increase it (see T-15.VII.4:1). For instance, the ego urges us to relieve our guilt by attacking others, projecting guilt onto others, and looking for sin in others. If we simply realized that these things only increase guilt, we would let them go. This is why we must look at our unconscious attraction to guilt (see T-15.VII.3). The solution to the attraction of guilt is the holy instant.