bringing darkness to light, illusions to truth

Bringing our dark, secret, egoic beliefs out of unconsciousness and into full awareness to meet the light of the Holy Spirit, of reason. There our illusions will be dispelled, for light automatically dispels darkness (see T-2.II.1:14). "To bring" means "to see from the perspective of" or "see in the light of." We have brought truth to illusions—seen truth from the perspective of illusions (see W-pI.107.5:3-4). Now we must reverse that. Our job is not to bring the light, which would imply that we are separate from the light and it is up to us to make or earn it. Our job is simply to bring our darkness to the Holy Spirit, and it is He Who brings the light. We have hidden the ego's darkness behind walls of denial, which the Course describes metaphorically as dark doors in our minds, guarded by sentinels of darkness (see T-14.VI.2:5,8:4). Since darkness vanishes automatically in light, it is not our darkness that keeps us from God, but the act of hiding it behind the dark doors. Once we have brought it to light we can fulfill our function of bringing light to the darkness of the world, just as the Holy Spirit does (see T-18.III.7:1-3). See T-14.VII.6, T-14.IX.1-2, T-14.VI.4.