call for love/help

The real nature of attack. Attack seems to be a sin but is really a call for love or help. Our minds, being part of God, desire only love. Thus, the ego tries to convince us to attack by promising that this attack will bring us love in some form. Instead of love, however, we find pain. Attack, then, is a mistaken way of seeking love. And mistakes by nature call for correction. They are implicit calls for help, help to find the love we were seeking and help to let go of our ineffective way of seeking it. This overall concept takes many forms: 1. Attack is a call for love (see T-14.X.7:1-2). 2. Attack is a call for help or correction or healing (see T-12.I). 3. What we call sin is merely a mistake or an error (see T-19.II-III). 4. Early in the Text, sin is spoken of as a lack of love as opposed to a positive act of evil or assault (see T-1.IV.3:1-3, T-5.V.4:10). See "mind cannot attack."