cause and effect


cause and effect

The basic law of mind, the law of extension, in which a cause extends itself outward in the form of effects that are in its likeness. By causing effects the cause is proven real and is expanded. Change can only be introduced at the level of cause, not effect. Effects cannot turn around and create their cause, as the ego maintains.

1. God is the Cause and His Son is His Effect (see T-2.VII.3:11).

2. The ego, however, has tried to reverse effect and Cause, claiming that you, the effect, are your own cause, and that God is actually your effect (see authority problem).

3. The outer world is merely an effect of your mind. The only meaningful healing, then, is to heal the cause, to change your mind.

4. The ego again tries to reverse effect and cause, telling you that the world and the body are your cause and you are their effect (see projection). It thus counsels you to solve your problems by changing outer situations, circumstances and other people (see magic).

5. Because the ego has had no real effect, it cannot be a cause. This is why the ego has no real “dynamics”—it is not dynamic, causative (see T-11.V.3). 6. You prove your brother’s ego is not real when you show it has had no effect on you (see invulnerability). 7. When a miracle is caused through you, healing another, this effect becomes a witness to the fact that the Cause of healing lies within you.

See “ideas leave not their source.”