Root meaning: The act of bringing something real into being. That which is thus brought into being.

Conventional: The act of making or inventing new things in this world: forms, systems, ideas, or works of art. God’s creation of the world. The world that He created.

ACIM: The act of bringing into being “new” parts or aspects of transcendental reality. God’s creation of reality, of the Kingdom. The sum total of all that God created. Produces only the eternal (see T-8.VI.3:3). Occurs only in Heaven (T-17.IV.2:1); in this world we can only engage in making. In creation, a Member of the Trinity uses its will to extend its being, its love, “outward” to produce “new” parts of Heaven. These new parts are pure spirit: formless, timeless, perfect, infinite, and whole. They are also completely united with and the same as their creator. Through this process the creator extends itself, increasing in fullness and completion.

  1. God created His Son, the Christ, thus extending and increasing Himself. The Son, then, is creation—the sum total of what God created.
  2. God gave us the function of creating, and so we extend His creation outward by creating in His Name (we do this in unison with our brothers). This is our true function, to which forgiveness returns us.
  3. The Holy Spirit also creates (see C-6.1:2).

See extension, function, and creations.