1. God's creations, which are completely non-physical. The Sonship, which is one but is composed of an infinite number of parts or Sons (see W-pII.11.1:1). 2. Our own creations in Heaven, which we create in unison with God and all our brothers and which complete us and establish our own fatherhood. Creating them is how we increase the Kingdom and give thanks to God for our own creation. In fact, our song of love to God is simultaneously our song of creating in His Name. These creations in turn, pour out their eternal gratitude to us for giving them the gift of life. They call to us from Heaven to return to them. They, like everything in Heaven, are pure spirit, formless, timeless and perfect (for the one direct description of what our creations are, see T-24.VII.7:1-3). Note: They are not our extensions or thoughts of love in this world. See creation. See T-8.VI.5.