A series of lessons planned to help you achieve a learning goal. The ego has a curriculum and so does the Holy Spirit. For both curricula the learning goal is to teach you who you are. Yet they are complete opposites, based on opposing notions of who you are. Following the ego's conflicting, impossible curriculum has made you such a depressed, handicapped learner that you need a special curriculum with a special Teacher (the Holy Spirit). The learning goal of His curriculum is forgiveness. This will lead to the final step which is beyond the scope of the curriculum. He will gear the curriculum to your very individual needs. Yet it is not up to you to establish the curriculum nor even your particular form of it (your particular spiritual path). A Course in Miracles portrays itself as one form of the Holy Spirit's universal curriculum. See course, the. See T-8.I.5-6, T-12.V.5-9.