A refusal to admit the truth of something. The psychological defense of putting something unwanted out of one's mind. The "decision not to know" (T-14.I.2:2). 1. The ego's thought system is a denial of reality, a refusal to admit the truth. This submerges our awareness of reality deep in the unconscious mind (see T-11.I.8:1-4). 2. We then deny the raw hatred, guilt and fear we feel inside (which comes from our denial of truth). This very concealment affirms that we still believe in these emotions. This more common use of the word is found only rarely in the Course. 3. The proper use of denial is not to conceal illusions, but to calmly refuse to admit that they are true, to correct our belief in their reality (see T-2.II.1:11-2:6). 4. And since illusions are denials of truth, "The task of the miracle worker thus becomes to deny the denial of truth" (T-12.II.1:5). See dissociation. See T-7.VII.1.