Belief and trust in and loyalty to something or someone, regardless of what appearances may say. 1. God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus all have perfect faith in us. 2. Now we are faithless. This is not a lack of faith but faith in illusions, in nothingness (T-21.III.4). 3. We are asked to withdraw this faith in illusions and give our faith to the truth. Truth will call forth this faith in us if we refuse to use our faithlessness. 4. Faith in the Holy Spirit and in Jesus will give us trust in their teaching, their guidance and their faith in us. 5. In the holy relationship, we are asked to have faith that the relationship will reach the goal of perfect holiness, regardless of how impossible this looks (see T-17.V.6-7). 6. Above all, we are to have faith in our brother, faith in his innocence, his holiness, and in his eventual salvation, no matter what appearances he presents to us. Through this faith we accept the miracle, which then brings witnesses to show us that our faith was justified (see W-pII.13.4). See charity.