fear of God

The final obstacle to peace (see T-19.IV(D).1-7), the veil across the face of Christ, the only thing that keeps us from God. Our fear of God exists on two distinct levels. 1. The ego fears God as He truly is; it fears His Love, Life, joy and peace. It fears Him because it knows that in His boundless Oneness it would disappear. To keep from disappearing, the ego must give us reason to fear Him also. 2. Therefore, the ego persuades us to condemn our brothers, so that we will feel guilty, so that we will punish ourselves with pain, sickness and death. Then, through projection, we see God as standing at the head of this system of "justice." We think that He is an angry god, Who believes in our guilt and seeks to punish us for our sins, and Who should thus be feared. The fear of God will go as we forgive our brothers, and as we realize that the angry god we envision is our own ego (see W-pI.196.8-12), and that the true God is One of Love. See fear. See T-29.I.1-3, (W-pI.170.9-11).