Root meaning: The supreme Being, the Creator, the Father and the Mother, the Source of all that exists and the Goal of all desire. Christian: The Creator of this world, Who loves His children yet Whose justice demands that He punish them for the sin of turning away from Him, and Who sent his Son to die for their sins. ACIM: The infinite, eternal Mind or Spirit, Who creates only non-material spirit, like Himself and one with Him, and Who is only pure Love, without any anger or attack (see T-29.I.1:5). God has no gender (see he, him), no personality, no form (see T-18.VIII.1:7) and no boundary. But in some sense He is a Person, for He has Thoughts, Will and awareness, and feels Love, peace and joy. However, unlike human faculties and emotions, these are infinite, formless realities that never fluctuate (see Thoughts of God). God only gives and holds nothing back. His children are His joy and He wills only their happiness. To everyone He gives the same gift: all of His Love, all of Himself. This is how He creates, by giving Himself (see creation). His creations receive all their life, their sustenance and their joy from Him. The Will of God is too powerful to have any opposite or obstacle. Thus, His laws cannot be broken. When His children seemed to attack Him and descend into sin and evil (see separation), He did not reciprocate. He knew they merely fell asleep inside His Mind, though He did not know nor understand what they were dreaming nor who they dreamt they were. Instead of retaliating, He simply gave them His Answer, the Holy Spirit, to guide them home. In the meantime, He waits for them with Open Arms, yearning for their return. He does not hide Himself, but is totally accessible. He can be known in the direct experience called revelation. And when His children have healed their minds and lost all fear of Him He will reach down and lift them home Himself (see final step).