Appreciation for blessings received. The appropriate response to reality and its gifts. An essential aspect of love, which brings joy to those who give it as well as those who receive it. 1. The state of Heaven, the song of Heaven, which we sing to God in gratitude for our creation and which He sings to us, in gratitude for completing Him. 2. Here on earth, the appropriate response to God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, which they do not need, but which we do. 3. Our proper response to our brothers for what they are, regardless of their behavior (see T-12.I.6:2). 4. The response to us of those we heal, by which our healing returns to us (see witness). 5. The response of God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus to us for allowing our minds to be saved and for helping them save the world. 6. Under the ego, we are grateful when others sacrifice to us and when we are better off than others. And we demand gratitude from others lest we withdraw the gifts we gave. See W-pI.195, W-pI.197.