Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit

Christian: The third person of the Trinity, Who is the active Presence of God in human life.

ACIM: The third part of the Holy Trinity (see T-5.I.4:1), God’s Answer to the separation, the Voice for God, our internal Teacher, the communication link between God and His separated Sons, the bridge between knowledge and perception. God created the Holy Spirit at the separation and placed Him inside every sleeping mind as the call to awaken (see T-6.V.1:5-2:1). He dwells in our right mind and our Christ Mind. He has the special function of undoing the separation so that God’s children can come home. At the heart of everything He does is the fact that He is completely aware of both reality and illusions.

  1. This enables Him to translate reality into a form we can understand in the world of illusions. He translates knowledge into true perception, waking into happy dreams, Heaven’s laws into laws of mind that operate on earth (see extension and laws).
  2. This also enables Him to translate everything we made into a way out of what we made. He translates the world into a teaching device for leading us home, the body into an instrument of communication, memory of the past into memory of the timeless present, our defenses against truth into defenses against illusion, our special relationships into holy relationships, our desire to be special into our special function, human language into a meaningful communication about truth, and so on.
  3. He is able to see illusions in light of reality, thus seeing their unreality. He sees everything we see, all the pain, guilt and death, yet realizes that none of it is real. Thus He sees that we are still God’s guiltless Son.
  4. He can communicate with us who believe in illusions and can thereby lead us to reality. He is our Teacher, Who teaches us true perception, guides us into it, and replaces our perception with it when we are willing to let ours go. He judges for us, separating out the true from the false for us. He selects our part in the plan of the Atonement, shows us what it is, guides us in the doing of it and carries it out through us. When He has led all of God’s children home, He will have completed His special function and will remain with us in Heaven to keep us from separating again (see T-5.I.5:7).

See T-5.I-III, W-pII.7.