Conventional: A deranged state of mind in which one has lost touch with reality and retreated into a senseless, disordered, private world. ACIM: The state of everyone in the world who believes in the ego's thought system, and has therefore lost touch with true reality and retreated into a senseless, private world. In this state you are totally isolated, you think you are someone else, you fear love and love fear, you hear and speak to shadow figures that are not there, you see only your own split mind projected wherever you look (see T-13.V.6), and you believe your magical wishes have overthrown the Will of God. The ego is based on the insane notions of sin, anger, attack, guilt, defense, sacrifice, punishment, fear and death (see W-pII.12.2). The world is a projection of this insanity (see T-14.I.2:4-7). From the ego's perspective, God and His Love, peace and joy are insane. It tries to convince you that He made this insane world and so is Himself insane. Knowing you cannot lead yourself out (for you are insane) God answered the ego's insanity with a sane Answer, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the reference point from which you can look back on insanity and see it as insane (see T-13.III.6-10). He will give you reason, the solution to insanity, which leads the partially sane to complete sanity (see T-21.V.8:8).