Last (or Final) Judgment

Christian: a final judgment by God of all souls in which He judges which souls are worthy for Heaven and which get condemned eternally to hell. ACIM: a final healing (rather than a final punishment), in which we judge all of our thoughts, deciding which are false and which are true, rejecting the false and retaining only the true. This judgment is done through us by God's Voice based on His proclamation that "what is false is false and what is true has never changed" (W-pII.10.1:1) and based on God's Final Judgment that we are still His holy Son, forever sinless, changeless and pure. The Last Judgment is a collective process (yet individuals can apparently pass through it before the Sonship as a whole enters it; see T-2.VIII.2:8), immediately following the Second Coming and immediately preceding the end of the world and the final step. See T-2.VIII, T-26.III.4, W-pII.10, M-15.