Conventional: The acquiring of facts and information. The Course criticizes this definition: "It is hard to teach the mind a thousand alien names, and thousands more. Yet you believe this is what learning means…" (W-pI.184.5:2-3). ACIM: The acquiring of the fundamental thought systems that guide our thought, perception, feeling and behavior. An ability developed by the ego which is used by the Holy Spirit to free us from the ego. Primarily refers to the learning of the Holy Spirit's thought system of miracle-mindedness, which is the learning goal of this course in miracles. Toward this goal the Holy Spirit uses the world, time, the body, the miracle, the holy instant and the example of Jesus as learning aids or devices. To achieve this learning goal requires the unlearning of everything we now believe. "Properly speaking it is unlearning…that is 'true learning' in the world" (M-4.X.3:7). See curriculum and teaching.