Conventional: A principle or force that characterizes a functioning, animated body; biological vitality. ACIM: A principle or force of spiritual vitality, existence, reality, which is imparted by God, is infinite and eternal, is all one with no separate parts, has no opposite or degrees, and cannot be extinguished or lessened in any way (see death). "…an eternal attribute of everything that the living God created" (T-4.IV.11:7); "the one condition in which all that God created share" (W-pI.167.1:3). Life is of the mind and spirit. It has nothing to do with the body. "There is no life outside of Heaven" (T-23.II.19:1). The body does not live; it has only an illusion of life (see T-6.V(A).1:3-4). Life is: "eternal" (T-1.III.2:2), "creation" (T-11.In.1:6), "God" (T-14.IX.4:4), "peace" (T-27.VII.10:5), "thought" (W-pI.54.2:3), "communication with God" (T-14.IV.10:6).