The single emotion of Heaven, which contains within it the emotions of peace and joy. The opposite of fear (though in truth love has no opposite). The single dynamic of Heaven: "Love is extension" (T-24.I.1:1); "To create is to love" (T-7.I.3:3); "love is sharing" (T-12.VIII.1:5). In love we view something as so attractive, so compatible with us, that we go out to it, give ourselves to it and join with it (see T-18.VI.12:4-5). Primarily refers to Heaven, though occasionally refers to the right minded state on earth. We can love only like God, for only His Love is real. This means that real love is total, always maximal, without degrees, distinctions or selectivity (see W-pI.127.1). Special love, which is doled out differently to different people at different times, is not love. Love cannot be learned, it need only be welcomed. This is done through forgiveness, which is an earthly form of love (see W-pI.186.14:2). See creation, extension, and special relationships.