The aspect of the self that includes the faculties of awareness, volition, thought and emotion. Mind is completely non-physical; it should not be confused with the physical brain. Mind's true nature is one with spirit. Yet, unlike spirit, mind can temporarily fall into error, sleep or illusion (see level confusion). 1. When capitalized, refers to the Mind of God, of Christ or of the Holy Spirit. 2. In lower case, refers to the separated mind, or split mind, the mind we currently use. This is the part of our total mind that has fallen asleep and dreams of separate existence. As such, it is in substance part of reality, part of God (see W-pI.35). It will awaken in God when it is fully healed and continue in creation. Yet its form — its appearance of being a separate mind with a separate will, private thoughts and changing emotions — is the ego, an illusion that will disappear when we awaken. 3. In lower case occasionally refers to the heavenly mind of a Son of God. See C-1.