The process of trying to know an object while separate from it, by interpreting or judging information received by our physical senses. Also, the interpreted images that result from this process. Necessarily involves a separation between subject and object, between us and what we are trying to know. It is thus inherently uncertain (as well as partial and changing) and outside the realm of knowledge. It seems that outer things and events themselves produce our perceptions of them, yet our perceptions are actually produced by projecting outward our own belief system, especially our self-concept (see ["projection makes perception"). How we perceive the world determines our experienced condition, and this perception is our choice. Healing perception is the goal of the Course. 1. The ego engages in false or upside-down perception. This sees the world of form and time as real, interprets that world as guilty and attacking, and thus justifies emotional responses of fear and anger. 2. The Holy Spirit teaches us true perception. This makes way for the final step in which God will lift us from perception to knowledge. See judgment.