special function

The special form given to each individual of the one function of extending forgiveness (see extension), of being a savior. The function we gave ourselves was specialness, which was achieved by attacking and diminishing our brother, and which we chose in order to hurt ourselves. The Holy Spirit, however, translated our desire for specialness into our special function, our special part in His plan for salvation. It reverses specialness. It is our special way of saving our brother from attack, which thus releases us from all hurt. The Holy Spirit gives us a special form of extending healing which is suited to our particular strengths (see W-pI.154.2:2). He also sends us particular people whom it is our function to save. This seems to begin with one person, our holy relationship see (partner T-20.IV.5:3). Then we and our partner are given a joint special function, which includes particular people to save. Ultimately, the ones we are appointed to save include everyone (see T-31.VII.10:5). The Holy Spirit also gives us guidance and supply for every aspect of this function as well as the strength to carry it out. This is our part in the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit's Own special function (see function, #3). See T-25.VI.