1. The little spark. A light, placed in us by God at our creation, which sparks the Great Rays, which lights the lamp from which they shine. In the separated condition, the Rays are obscure, but the spark has been kept alive by God (see T-10.IV.7:5-8:7). Seeing the spark in others is the way to heal them, and will reveal to us the Great Rays. The spark in our own minds is the means by which we see the ego as meaningless (see T-11.In.3:6). Welcoming the Holy Spirit into our minds will allow this spark to expand (into the Great Rays) and sweep us out of darkness and into God (see T-11.II.5-6). 2. The spark of beauty (closely related to the little spark). The small amount of love that went into the making of our relationships in this world; the loving thoughts from the past. Through focusing on these and forgiving the rest, we will see the spark and let it transform our relationships into beauty (see T-17.III.5-7).