Conventional: Imparting to others intellectual facts or concepts. This is done primarily through words and is a special activity engaged in a small portion of one's time. ACIM: The extension of one's fundamental thought system (either the ego's or the Holy Spirit's) to others. This is done not so much by the form of our communication, but by the content we are communicating. Thus it is done primarily by demonstration. And it is done all the time; we cannot help but teach. Our forgiveness) to others. In this sense, teaching is synonymous with healing. As we see these ideas go forth from us and heal others, our belief in them becomes strengthened (see giving/receiving). Teaching, then, is the way in which we truly learn (see learning); thus the phrase, "As you teach so shall you learn" (T-5.IV.6:4). See extension, teacher of God. See M-In.