true perception

The goal of the Course; salvation. Usually called vision or Christ's vision; called "spiritual sight" early in the Text. The sight which comes out of the state of right-mindedness and looks upon the real world. True perception is the opposite of false or conventional perception. False perception sees the projection of our insane illusions. It sees a world of sin, of forms, changes and differences. It condemns what it looks on and separates from it in fear. True perception, on the other hand, sees everything as it truly is: perfect. It sees only sinlessness, innocence, holiness (see W-pI.158.7), seeing always the same maximal light of Christ in everything (see face of Christ). It forgives all it sees, blessing it with miracles and joining with it in love. True perception does not function like conventional perception. Rather than seeing through our body's eyes (see C-4.2:1), it sees through the eyes of Christ in us (and thus operates irrespective of distance or changes in lighting). Rather than seeing bodies, it sees holiness. Rather than using the brain to interpret sense data, it is born as a pure "knowing" straight from the Christ in us (see T-22.I.2). Rather than seeing visual images, it sees pure content, pure meaning (as when a sudden recognition prompts one to say, "I see"; see T-22.III.1:4-7). It may, however, be symbolized and preceded by the seeing of light around visual objects (see W-pI.15.2-3). From the perspective of true perception, all that our eyes now see will be reinterpreted. We will experience forms as unreal, as transparent (see W-pI.159.5), and will mentally look past them to the light of holiness. We will see all forms as having the same purpose: forgiveness. And we will let the Holy Spirit interpret people's behavior for us, focusing on the loving behavior and interpreting all other behavior as a call for love. True perception is our natural sight and is available to us whenever we want it. If it is achieved with respect to anything, it will transfer to everything. However, one exception will block its transfer (see W-pI.In.5). When true perception is complete, God will take the final step and carry us over into knowledge.