1. Anything that blocks our awareness of reality, or our awareness of the real world. The Course mentions the veil of time, of guilt, of fantasies. Veils seem dark and heavy but are thin and easily lifted by our desire to see past them. 2. Specifically, the veil across the face of Christ (the image here is of a facial veil). This veil is the fear of God, the final obstacle to peace. It is also said to be specialness, idols, the attraction of guilt and death, the gap between us and our brother. We reach the place before the veil by joining with our holy relationship partner. In order to look on the veil without terror, we must first be willing to look on our partner with forgiveness. Then together we will lift the veil and look on the face of Christ. Then we will rise in resurrection past the veil and disappear into the Presence beyond the veil: God. See T-19.IV(D).