Will of God


Will of God

Root meaning: What God “wants” and has ordained; the instrument of God’s expression and creation.

Conventional: Generally refers to God’s plan for our lives, which often includes sacrifice. Thus it is used to explain all those things that are painful, tragic and hard to understand, but must be accepted because they are God’s Will.

ACIM: God wills only Heaven, only unlimited love and happiness without end (see creation). God’s Will is limitless, changeless power that can never be opposed. It is not gradual in accomplishment but creates instantaneous and eternal Fact.

  1. In Heaven, you were created by God’s Will and are God’s Will—the extension of His Mind, Spirit and Self. His Will for you is perfect happiness, eternal oneness with Him and with your brothers.
  2. On earth, you believe that your will and God’s Will are in opposition. This is because you have identified with an alien will, for His Will and your true will are one and the same. You are His Will. Fearing His Will thus means fearing your own will and your own reality. Since His Will is not an alien will, it cannot be forced upon you but must be freely welcomed.
  3. God’s Will for you on earth is contained in His plan for salvation (see W-pI.100:2-4).