Something which points to the truth of something else. Primary meaning: the effect of a cause, the existence of which points to the reality of the cause (see cause and effect). 1. In Heaven, you are the witness to your Cause, God, establishing Him as Father and Creator (see T-13.VIII.9:2). 2. In Heaven, your creations are witness to your own fatherhood (see T-9.VI.5:5). 3. On earth, all perceptions witness to the thought system, the state of mind, that caused them (see T-21.In.1:1-5). 4. The ego uses physical and emotional evidence, such as fear and physical illness, to witness to its own supposed reality (see T-8.VIII.3:5-4:9). 5. The miracles you do bear witness to the power of the Holy Spirit within you (see T-14.X.6:10). 6. Those whom you heal become witnesses to the healing, the holiness, in you, and so become your saviors (see T-13.VI.9:2). 7. Those whom you attack bear witness to the ego in you. 8. Your health and invulnerability witness to the innocence in your brother, to the fact that his sin had no effect on you and so was not a cause.