Word of God

Christian: Often used to refer to the Bible or to Jesus as the Logos. ACIM: The message of salvation that God speaks to us through His Voice (the Holy Spirit) in answer to the separation, by which the separation disappears. The one unified Word from which come all the Holy Spirit's specific words, teaching and guidance (see W-pI.198.6). Basically synonymous with the Atonement, forgiveness, and God's plan for salvation. This "Word" is not a verbal word, but it is a kind of symbol, which stands for the changelessness of God's Love. Verbal approximations would thus include, "I am as God created me"; and "My Son is pure and holy as Myself" (W-pII.276). It is our function to speak this Word to the world, to let this Word guide our words so that they become human symbols of God's Word (see M-21.5). When we clear away the words we have written on the world (the meanings we have ascribed to it) we will see only God's Word written on it, transforming it into a symbol of Heaven (see W-pI.192.4:1). This is the final perception in which all symbols vanish. Does not refer to the Bible, nor Jesus, nor the Course (though these may in fact reflect the Word of God). See W-pI.125.