The person the Course addresses itself to. A sleeping Son of God, who remains in Heaven, part of the Christ and at one with God, yet who dreams that he is an ego, a frail, sinful human being living in a body in the world of space and time. The tiny part of your total identity that is asleep and needs redemption, that has a separated or split mind, that thinks private thoughts, experiences painful emotions and can choose (see choice) between the ego and the Holy Spirit. Not the ego, for the ego is only an idea in your mind, a self-concept you have mistaken for yourself. It is not real and cannot be redeemed. Not the Christ, strictly speaking, for the Christ cannot fall asleep. However, since in Heaven part and whole are one, the part of you that is asleep and dreaming is one with your entire Self, the Christ. It is already perfect and redeemed. See T-6.IV.6.